Prayer Request

I will run and not grow weary. [Isa. 40:31c]

Relocation/ foreign invasions

Posted By: Sylvia Burres

Prayer Requests: Prayer request We are the Real Chicago color purple Roots family. Our State country is under seige by foreigners underworld crime syndicate. We have been experiencing mass hospital expansion for the mass murders. Mass foreclosures uhauls, storages on every prominent black community. 50 different ambulance companies blaring night and day for competition. Fake foreigners above the law police arresting for any and everything. I was arrested 7 times car related fees. License plate window stickers, expired license, trespassing, mental ward twice for asking for help strange new neighbors, husband new controlling they took me. Families have thousands in red light camera traffic ticket. Repeated fines, duplicate fines$200 a day. $350 handicapped parking no ones using it. $750 caught littering dolton $15 beach parking or $3 $5 a hour parks fishing license $15 per person monee. Job blacklisting, police code locks to prevent receiving public assistance. I haven't had money in 10 years our code given to interr acial woman families. Erase us completely and kept going. $15 to $30 our state museums No more free museum's day for poor Atlanta child murders...School have no knowledge of the downtown's planterium, aquarium, solider field, fish. We were prepared to take over illnois as kids. Foreigners Italian walked right into our inheritance...we are disconnected from our money in our city..bills bills bills. Supposed to be the black mecca. Most religious more churches are in illnois than anywhere in the world..fake middle east physicians with Mexican names using color purple codes. Started with the Hawaiian President Obama took Chicago's historical families inheritance. He came to our sons university 3 times student died.Now he needs a multi millions dollar presr library from our illnois budget. Atlanta child murders and great Britain wizards running our nations school systems. Robbing their future Atlanta child murders just bought a 1.6 Billion dollar football stadium. .illnois court systems is run by chief justice is Mexican. Filling up all the high paying city job. Me and my children were all force out of school violent by some Israel spiritually rape and thrown in a closet. Italians robbing hundreds of millions a week from the illnois lottery. Unemployment scam. Foreigners locked us in their code database. I cant be with them to aggressive cant be with the church its monsters. No refund, store credit casinos in Midlothian gas station 32 towing co fighting for impounding cars. Please someone we prayed for this country hundreds of years. Please give the real color purple family a miracle back! Britain said they switch nations codes with america because they cant move with their own codes.Send us strong prayers to leave Illnois and or any amount of money. Homeless. Seeing the end of the world Sylvia burres 22404 Law dale ave Richton Park illnois 60471