Prayer Request

Bless the Lord, O my soul [Psalm103:1a]

Prayer of Deliverance from the Enemy

Posted By: Steven Bello

Dear Brethren,

Please help me pray. An individual in my office has brought many false allegations against me because of her failure to get an ambitious increment. The system in place to evaluate such requests for promotion declined her case as neither the job she does nor her qualifications is adequate to get the increment. She decided to vent her anger on me being her direct supervisor, accusing me of many wrongdoings.

Since the denial of increment request, she has engaged in several strange behaviors. For instance, she hid some cheques and lied that she gave them to me. Months after, I came to my office one day after a meeting and discovered that my door had been opened. When I got inside, I saw a file placed on my table, the cheques were placed inside the file. When I asked the staff if she brought any file into my office, she said she was uncoordinated and couldn't recollect. Later on, she denied coming to my office to place the file and those cheques. My spirit was grieved, I mentioned that "God knows the truth", I also said "Oh God", I said "God will reveal the truth and expose the liar", and probably also said "God will judge the liar".

She has now brought me before the disciplinary committee accusing me of mentioning the name of God, of praying, of preaching and of saying anything related to God about this case. The most painful part is the she petitioned the disciplinary committee to remove me as her supervisor or remove me from my office and make me write a public apology to her. My soul is heavy.

I met with a Counsel today and she advised me that it is wrong to say "Oh God" or mention God's name at all in any of these situations. She said it is okay to say "holy moly" or even "holy cow" but must not say "O God" or bring God's name into the situation because it could cause inflammation and that the staff will be offended especially if she is lying. I felt bad. My right as a Christian has been trampled upon.

Please help me pray that the Lord who knows the truth of this situation will expose the liar and put the liar to a public shame. Pray that the God who delivered Daniel and put those evil liars to shame will deliver me also. Please pray for a speedy intervention of the Most High God. Thank you for interceding. God bless you all!

In Him,