Prayer Request

And death shall be no more [Revelation 21:4b]

intercessors needed

Posted By: wanda ross

I have black mold spores, some type of fumes being released in my apartment. Very large moths, very large spiders, a whole lot off their eggs everywhere in my apartment building. The spiders and moths very large in size only come around when I come in , and a level of spider webs in my apartment beyond my comprehension. And satanic birds fly outside of my window. This kind of attack is so deep and so serious, my entire apartment BUILDING is covered in very thick layers of spiders, their eggs and an unbelievable amount of their webs. All of the above have taken over my apartment building.

I understand what's going on and for the most part, why it is happening. In addition to 70 day prayer and fasting, I had been praying and fasting against ancestral alters. Since I started, attacks have increased 300 fold but never all at the same time. To add fuel to the fire, I also have vampires attacking me and satanic winds sent my way repeatedly.

I'm going to continue praying and fasting but I really need some serious intercession. I prayed to the comforter sent by Jesus and He sent me to you. Thank you for helping me break the chains of my ancestors. God Bless You